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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I look forward to reading your story, and I hope that writing it brings you as much joy as I know it will bring me.

Here are some general preferences and fandom-specific preferences that I hope will be helpful.

I love "slice of life" stories, little windows that peek into the characters' "off-screen" or "off-page" lives or that delve into their thoughts. There's just something I've always loved, especially in tv shows, about those scenes when we see the characters "at home" or just hanging out together.

I also love plotty fic that explores the characters and the setting.

I love gen stories a lot, but stories with pairings/multiples are welcomed with open arms. Het, slash, femslash, mix and match, non-binary, etc. and forever - all welcome. I prefer that stories not be solely about pairing or gathering up of lovers, but romance is nice!

I love stories about women being their awesome selves.

I love team stories and stories about strong bonds and close friendships.

For fics that are not gen, I definitely don't mind sex in the story, so long as it's not the whole point of the story.

I love unusual or out-of-the-box formats for stories - "five things" is a favorite of mine, as is the epistolary style (either letters, or a series of emails, or a set of IMs, or an exchange of notes or something like that.) Fic written as taking place on social media, partly or entirely. Stories with odd narrative structures, stories that play with time, stories that play with voice. I'm a fan of the surreal.

Nothing exceptionally dark. Danger, tension: yes, please; really violent violence: no, thank you. No sexual violence, especially. I enjoy bittersweet endings and stories that end with a sting - I just like a little room for the potential of a happier ending somewhere down the line.

On to specifics!

The OA - pretty much all the questions. I'd love anything that explores Prairie's world, her existence, her mind, what happened after she was shot, anything.

The worlds that the angels go to when they experience their NDEs - how do they work? Why are they different? What did Prairie see in the many other NDEs she had while being experimented on by HAP? How are the four boys and BBA connected to the NDEs, and why did they respond to Prairie the way they did? What happened after Prairie was taken in the ambulance, and Steve chased after her? The whooshing in the trees - what was that? was it the switching between universes? What was up with the psychiatrist dude being in Prairie's house?! And the braille writing on his office wall? I'd also love conversation fic or slice of life fic with Prairie and any of the boys or BBA. A picnic in the old house? Practicing the Movements together? I'm fascinated by the Movements, so any way to work those in would thrill me.

Twin Peaks

I'd really love something about Audrey in The Return, but fic about young Audrey is always awesome. I love pairing her with Cooper, either as love interests or partners in adventure. I was so very much waiting for them to meet again, but darn it, David Lynch!! What happened to Audrey?

Goblin: The Great and Lonely God

I love the four main characters and DeokHwa as well. The Goddess and the God fascinate me, too. I'd love to see EunTak have a good birthday, or all of them to go on a picnic together. I just want so much happiness for all the characters! I love the slow, unfolding beauty of the show, and the quick-witted banter. I'd love to read about Goblin magic or EunTak's connection to the spirit world, or EunTak having magic of her own right, not just from Shin.

I hope these notes help a little! Thanks again, and Happy Yuletide!
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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I look forward to reading your story, and I hope that writing it brings you as much joy as I know it will bring me.

Here are some general preferences and fandom-specific preferences that I hope will be helpful.

General preferences )

Fandom-specific notes and preferences )

Thanks again, and Happy Yuletide!
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Hello, Yuletide Writer,

Thank you so much for writing a story just for me! I promise to love it and give it lots of snuggles when it finds its way to me. And I hope you have as much joy in the writing of it as I know I will have in the reading of it.

I'm afraid I haven't been overly much present in the journaling sphere these past few years, so my journals aren't going to give much in the way of information about my fandom likes. I have a tumblr but it's mostly reblogs and such. So I'm just going to list, as in years' past, some general likes/dislikes, and then I'll go into some details and possible prompts for my requests.

General preferences )

Fandom-specific notes and preferences )

Thanks again, and Happy Yuletide!


Apr. 17th, 2012 12:55 am
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Lately, I've been watching a show called Smash on NBC. It got a lot of comments when it was being advertised: "OMG, it's totally copying GLEE" and so forth. I was skeptical (which is pretty much every tv show these days - I've got "trust no network" tattooed on my face at this point), but we recorded it to dvr and watched the first episode. Since then, we haven't missed a single Monday.

Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough, but I'd love to see more conversation about this show, because it has SO MUCH to offer. It has a cast of several well-rounded and, for the most part, complex characters.
It features a deep, loving, platonic friendship between a gay man and a married woman who are song and script writing partners.

It has a canonically gay character whose gayness is not a pivotal plot point, yet he is show to have an active dating life that has its ups and downs.

It has a canonical gay character of color.

It has strong women, driven women, talented women, women who make good choices, women who make bad choices, women who own their choices, women who take responsibilities for their choices.
It has women who are friends.
It has women who are professionals.
It has women who are successful.
It has women who are rivals.
It has women who are rivals who are also friends.
It has women who are rivals who form alliances and their own particular kind of friendship.
It also has Anjelica Huston.

It has unwise relationships and sweet relationships and could-be relationships, budding romances, fading romances, hidden romances.

It has gorgeous voices and fun songs and sometimes silly song sequences.

It has cheese, and it has something that feels very real.

It has. so. much.

Let me tell you a little bit more about the plot. The two writers/composers - Tom and Julia have been taking a break from doing a job that they both love so that Julia can devote some time to her family and hopefully get through the process of an international adoption. Suddenly, an idea drops into their lap - a musical about Marilyn Monroe - and it proves too much to resist. Despite it probably being a bad idea, they launch into the project, meaning to keep it a secret.

Tom's new assistant, Ellis, uses his phone to record Tom and Julia singing one of the songs they wrote and emails it to his mother, who posts it to YouTube. Suddenly, everyone wants to know about Marilyn the musical, and Tom and Julia reluctantly put together a team.

Anjelica Huston's character, Eileen, signs on as a producer, despite being in the middle of a rather messy divorce. Derek, a cantankerous, been-there-done-that stage director is convinced to join the team, despite his and Tom's past differences. Karen Cartwright and Ivy Lynn compete for the part of Marilyn; Karen as an inexperienced ingenue, and Ivy as a girl who has been waiting a long time for her big break.

Everyone is passionate about the Marilyn project for their own reasons, and in putting together a workshop, it becomes the focus of their lives and intertwines them in some very intense ways. Ivy and Karen start out as rivals but form an uneasy friendship as time goes by.

This show is so big that it's impossible for me to hit every point of it, but here's a list of things I love.
  • Karen (played by Katherine McPhee) and her voice.

  • Eileen and her sassy, vulnerable way of handling things, and how she's willing to do just about anything to see this production all the way to Broadway.

  • Tom and Julia and their relationship. Their dialogue is just filled with all the snappy, almost-inside-joke things that close friends say to each other, and when things go bad, they have each other's backs. They pick each other up and just hold on. Love it, love it.

  • Derek. I haaaated him at first - because we're meant to hate him at first. But as you get further into the show, you see so many different sides of him. Where we are now with Derek - I absolutely adore him despite his faults. He's grumpy and brilliant and everything I love about people who have a passion for doing something well. I've also been loving the way he's sort of been losing his mind over the production, giving the show writers the opportunity to write these weird hallucinatory sequences that end in Derek with a "freshly kicked in the balls" expression on his face. Priceless.

  • Ivy and Karen. The writers could so easily have made their relationship a catty, ugly mess, but instead have shown two women in the hyper-competitive, highly stressful world of stage acting who put aside their differences at critical times in order to help each other out. Neither one is a villain or an angel, and I love this portrayal of talented and complicated women whose lives cross in different ways.

  • Julia herself. She's a writer, and I relate to that in many ways. She's intelligent and vulnerable and she makes a huge, life-shattering mistake, but she doesn't shake off responsibility or make excuses for herself. She owns it.

I could say so much more, but there would be massive spoilers. It's true that the show has its share of cheese - you can't have musical numbers without a little cheese. But it doesn't take the cheese to anywhere near GLEE levels. It just seems to me that this show offers a lot that fandom is often asking for - canonically gay characters whose gayness is not the whole point of their character; gay characters of color; strong women who have friendships (many, many scenes easily pass the Bechdel test). If you love music and great characters and storylines, give Smash a try! If you're watching it, I'd love to chat with you about it!
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I still haven't answered all my comments from the holiday ficathons, and I wasn't going to post until I had done that (hell, I didn't even do a Yuletide reveal or rec post, BUT I WILL EVENTUALLY), but WHITE COLLAR PREMIERE GETS A SQUEE ENTRY.


Peter and Neal are going to kick your ass. )

And no one made Neal eat lemon chicken all by himself in a corner. The end.
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This is indeed the most exciting time of year!

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you for writing a gift for me! <3 The thing I want most of all is for you to have fun writing a story that speaks to your heart as much as it speaks to mine.

Likes, dislikes, specifics, and such )

That's all I can think of for now, and I hope this is helpful and not too very long, or too much information. :) Happy Yuletide, and happy writing!
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It's one of those insomnia nights, and I decided to watch a couple of episodes of SG-1 because it's my comfort food. I'd forgotten how early in the series (season 4, "Point of No Return") Willie Garson's character Marty shows up. The character of Marty has soooo many similarities to the character of Mozzie - it's like watching a young Mozzie, in some ways.

Anyway, I'm at the beginning of the episode, and conspiracy theorist Marty has called for a meeting with Colonel O'Neill, threatening to reveal everything about the Stargate program. So O'Neill goes to meet him at a diner, Teal'c poses as a cook in the diner to man the surveillance camera installed in the order ring, and Daniel and Sam are in a van, watching tv monitors.

Daniel: "You know, I've never been on a stake-out before. Shouldn't we have, like, donuts or something?"

Y'all, I've totally forgotten almost everything about this episode, and all these little bits of dialog have been lost to my memory. I'd totally forgotten about Sam and Daniel's "stake-out". I was already thinking "van" and "White Collar" because of Marty. Then Daniel's line made me spit water all over my keyboard. Because all I could think about was the White Collar van crew and their tuna fish and deviled ham. And then it was all down hill from there because I am apparently a crossover fic addict.

So, yeah. I just wanted to share that little bit of silliness. Now back to your regularly scheduled insomnia.

ETA: SAM, WITH THE LOCK PICKING. *dies* (Seriously, I need to do a real SG1 rewatch - soooo many details I've forgotten...)

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So, someone put together a My Little Pony generator (warning: addictive). Since I just finished watching the latest White Collar episode (MY HEART, SHOW - YOU SQUISH IT), I had to put Neal into pony form. And immediately, my brain began contemplating fic. I cannot write any other fic until I finish my ABB draft. >.> But here, have pony!Neal, just for kicks and giggles. I hope they add ties to the "accessories" section, eventually.

Eventually, I'll get around to pony-izing the whole cast... )
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Mostly, [personal profile] sholio is to blame for my sudden onset of rabid White Collar fannish-ness. In reading her posts about this series, I became mildly intrigued, and when I saw season one going for $15, I picked it up. And the first episode led to marathoning our way through the first season and paying full price for the second season because 2-day shipping from Amazon was too long to wait.

It really is some of the best television I've seen this year! I've caught up on season 3 (all but episode 2) from my parents' OnDemand, and I'm going to get the s3 eps from iTunes for David to watch. And we're DVRing the rest of the season, of course!

I wish I had time to make an enormous post on all the things I love about the series, but I've got some... stuff going on that requires me to get up earlier than I would like. So, maybe later, although I make no promises since I've been a truly crappy journaler lately. In the meantime, general bullet points! And then some spoilery musings under the cut.

  • Jeff Eastin is a Frank Abagnale fan. He HAS to be.

  • EL AND PETER FOREVER. Seriously. They are tied with Sheriden and Delenn from Babylon 5 as my favorite tv couple. I love everything about them, as individuals and as a couple. I love, love, LOVE Elizabeth's intelligence and the way she so easily navigates the currents of Peter and his job, and the complications that Neal brings into their lives. She is awesome. And I love Peter for his genuine goodness and honor and rightness without righteousness. I love that he is always, always willing to see the good in people, the possibilities. ♥♥♥

  • I can really get into the Elizabeth/Peter/Neal OT3, but ONLY in future!fic when Neal is out of the anklet and truly free to do his own thing. My interpretation of Peter's character is that as long as Neal is in his custody, the power dynamic between them being unequal, Peter would never enter into any kind of relationship with Neal. Nor would he bring Neal into his and Elizabeth's lives so long as any doubts about Neal remain. And, canonically, Peter has a LOT of doubts. But I do love putting the three of them together under the right circumstances almost as much as I love Peter/Elizabeth.

  • Mozzie and Elizabeth's friendship. So. Adorable!

  • Mozzie in general. David and I called him "Marty" through the first half of season one. The actor gives us Stargate SG-1 nostalgia! Marty was a favorite of ours.

  • The playfulness of the whole cast. They all have great chemistry.

  • The writers know how to sell the material. There have only been a couple of episodes where I had suspension of disbelief issues. Leverage needs to hire some of these people. Oh, Leverage, I have so many thoughts about you, but I'll save them for another post. The White Collar writers turn out consistently good stories and great dialogue. And believably human actions and reactions.

Some thoughts on Season 3 and where it's going )

Conclusion: Love the show.

Also, crossovers with Castle are an absolute MUST. There are so many ways the characters' lives and the show stories could intersect. And so many ways for Detective Beckett and Agent Burke to bond. I have one quick rec for this. My soul, it cries out for MORE.

Five Ways Crime Does Pay by [livejournal.com profile] celli - Impossible to read without laughing loud enough to wake the house.
    "Jimmy Ellery!" Castle said, jumping up and holding out a hand. "I haven't seen you in years. How are you?" He turned to Beckett. "He sold me that Lorado Taft bust."

    "You sold him what? As who?" Agent Burke rolled his eyes up to the ceiling, then back down again. "Allow me to introduce my consultant, Neal Caffrey."

    Castle froze, his hand still held out in front of him. "Neal Caffrey the con artist?"

    Caffrey tilted his head in an aw-shucks gesture. His hat remained tilted rakishly on his head.

    "Neal Caffrey the forger?"

    "Alleged forger," Caffrey said.

    Burke groaned.

    "Awkward," Ryan muttered.

    "Oh, my God," Castle said. His face lit up, and he reached out to Burke and shook him by the shoulders. "I got conned by Neal Caffrey!" He let Burke go and grabbed Caffrey's hand. "This is awesome."

    Burke looked at Beckett. "I don't even know what to say to that."

    "I never do," Beckett said.
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In keeping with my "get more involved with fandom" goal, I'm signing up for the Teyla Thing-a-Thon 2011. Teyla is one of my favorite SGA characters. I absolutely love writing her and want to write more Teyla, so this is perfect. Sign-ups close tonight, so I just squeaked under the wire, but here, have a banner anyway.

I've missed a lot of the other ficathons but am enjoying the fruits of others' labors... I need to go read all of the tasty-looking things at [livejournal.com profile] sga_genficathon, for starters.
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I have to be quick because my Mom is going to be coming back from the hospital soon, and I will need to make her a sandwich and then we will watch Sherlock (BBC).

This was my first ever Yuletide, finishing up my first full year in fandom. Any fandom, ever. I was often a fan of things, but I never participated in fandom the way I have participated this last year and a half - writing fan fiction, engaging in fannish discussions, seeking out fannish people. Fandom has been the bright spot of a rather terrible year, and Yuletide was the perfect end to the fannish part of my year - a bright spot all the way through.

I deeply enjoyed getting to know other Yuletide writers in #yuletide, and I enjoyed the squee and the suffering and the discussions and all of it. But most of all, I enjoyed writing the fics.

My fics are here:
Twin Peaks: In the Dark Night, Remember Me


Ursula Vernon - The Radish Wore Goggles: A Gift of Direction

Many of you know that my dad had a terrible collapse on December 7th, far from home, and that next week, I had to leave my home in Houston for Little Rock, Arkansas to help my mom watch over my dad in the intensive care unit there. It was a nightmarish two weeks the like of which I hope never to live through again. One of the things that made it bearable was to lose myself in the fic I was writing, that I was so deeply attached to. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't had the fic to turn to.

I've been in love with Twin Peaks from the first moment I saw it, most especially in love with Audrey Horne, Laura Palmer, and to a certain extent, Special Agent Dale Cooper. And others of the cast of course, but them specially. I was delighted to be assigned to write for someone who so obviously loved the show as I did, and who had written so many phenomenal posts on both the show and the character of Audrey and my favorite pairing, Audrey/Cooper, which had been planned as canon and got scuppered during the run of the show because Kyle Maclachlan a) disapproved of the pairing and b) was dating a cast member who disapproved of Sherilyn Fenn, if rumors are to be believed.

The story was meant to be a single scene. It turned into something huge - even bigger than what I've got on the page, there. I knew I'd never be able to finish the whole story in time, so I summarized enough for it to make sense and wrote the part that was most vivid in my mind and which was the part that I thought my giftee would like the most. I can't even begin to say how much fun I had getting into Audrey's head. I think Cooper got short shrift here, but this part really wasn't as much about him as it was about Audrey.

I am so glad that, with the Twin Peaks Gold Box edition being out there, people are being introduced to the series who have never seen it before. It's time for this series to re-emerge. I honestly believe that it was made ahead of its time and never got the acclaim that it richly deserved, even the very polarizing second season. And I'm so happy that I was assigned to write for someone who loves it as much as I do!

The second fic, "A Gift of Direction" came out of my love for the art of Ursula Vernon, who has been on my LiveJournal reading list for nearly 8 years. I came to know her work through the works and words of other dear artist friends who know and love her. Some of her art hangs by my desk (The Taxman, yo), and I was delighted to find a request for fic of her works! I couldn't pass up the opportunity to write one more thing for Yuletide.

It is lighter and happier than In the Dark Night because by the time I wrote it, we'd been able to return home to Houston with Dad (he was transported by an air ambulance), where he began to improve almost immediately. So I was more in the mood for whimsy and light-hearted romance.

Below the piece of art, The Radish Wore Goggles, which inspired the fic (by request of my giftee), Ursula wrote a little snippet of a story about an intrepid Radish who stowed away on a ship called The Golden Colander. I used the snippet as a springboard and expanded it into what I hope felt to readers like a tiny window into a vegetable-inhabited steampunk-ish world. I had a lot of fun writing it, and I'm so glad someone requested it!

OK, my mom just came in the door, so I have to wrap this up. I'll try to write a longer post later, and I'm happy to answer any questions! And I'll be along after midnight to answer the lovely comments on my fics. My first Yuletide has been wonderful and wonderous, and it saved me from complete and utter despondency in what has been a very dark season. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Dec. 20th, 2010 05:26 am
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And peeking in the "gifts" section of my profile, I see that I already have a gift waiting. Someone described it as being like looking at wrapped presents under the tree - I think that's a fairly apt description. I can't wait, can't wait, can't wait to see what the Yule Goat left for me! :D

Am now going to beta a fic, then off to sleep.
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Dear Yuletide Writers,

Because of the sudden illness of my father, I wasn't able to finish my letter in time, and I'm so sorry if that caused my writer any problems. :( I've been encouraged to finish and link it in case someone might like to write treats for my fandoms.

General things:

I love gen fic most of all. I do read pairings, and I enjoy romance, but I tend to like less couple-y stuff and more teamy or friendshippy stuff that really emphasizes the world and culture in which the stories take place. World-building, AU stories, character studies, introspective fic, adventure, mystery - all things that make me super-happy. Lively, witty conversation, affectionate characters, that sort of thing.

Things I don't like: fic that is too dark or violent; I prefer not to read anything above PG-13ish; I'm not into kinks, definitely not into major character death.

Fandoms Requested:
  • Heian Jidai | Heian Period - Sei Shonagon, Empress Teishi, Emperor Ichijo, Korechika, the rest of the court and etc.

    A simple, elegant scene with Shonagon and Teishi would be lovely. One of my favorite moments in the Pillow Book is when Teishi comes over and asks Shonagon what she is doing on the veranda, and Shonagon answers that she is gazing at the autumn moon, and Teishi tells her, "That's just what you should have said." It was beautiful and gentle, and I loved it so! I wanted to read so many more moments like that. Little to no context is fine - just a snapshot scene would be lovely.

    I'd also enjoy something more lively, like an outing or a festival, with Shonagon and the ladies of the court surrounding Teishi, or going abroad with her, etc. Sharp and witty dialogue, poetry, the works. Or a day where letters are coming and going, and something exciting is about to happen. Slices of life would be perfect.

  • EchoBazaar - any characters

    I'm so open for any Echo Bazaar stories that almost anything will suit me. Let's see - I would enjoy a fic that is 3rd person, since so many of the ones I have already read are written in 1st or 2nd person. I'd like something with descriptions of places in the 'Neath, something atmospheric. It doesn't have to be too plotty - it can just be a scene, or a moment, or a memory. But I also like caper stories, and there is much capering in the 'Neath! Perhaps an adventure on an archeological dig, or an afternoon in Veilgarden. A University intrigue!

  • The Sorceress & the Cygnet - Nyx Ro, Meguet Vervaine, Laura Ro

    This book is so dear to my heart, as is the character of Nyx. I also love Meguet a great deal, and I love Nyx and Meguet's connection with one another. I would love a Nyx and Meguet friendship fic, but I also would not mind the two of them as a couple! Nyx's magic and her relationship with magic is also of interest to me. The way McKillip describes the magic in her worlds appeals to me on a fundamental level - if you could recapture a little of that magic in a scene, I would die of happiness.

  • Ballet Shoes - Posy or Petrova, or all the sisters together. Gum, Sylvia, Nana, Madame Fidolia

    I am most interested in Petrova as a grown-up young woman. I imagine her as an Amelia Earhart type, with a love of flight and mechanical things. I'd love to hear about what she was doing in her 20s or 30s, even see her with a love interest.

    I'd adore a story about Posy in Czechoslovakia, too - a dancing story. Did she learn to speak Czech? How did she learn to fit with the culture of her new home and with the other ballet dancers? What roles did she dance as a young woman? What was her relationship to Manoff?
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My Nominations:
  • Dangerous Beauty
  • Edward Lucas White - The Unwilling Vestal
  • RPF - Heian Japan (for me, this is Sei Shonagon and her Pillow Book)
  • Rubicon
  • Sailor Moon (anime or manga)
  • Twin Peaks
I waffled about Dangerous Beauty and The Unwilling Vestal, especially the latter because I've only run across two other people in my entire lifetime who've read it, and I've known a lot of people, most of them readers. But in the end, both of them won out over Louise Marley's Nevya series, which maybe I'll nominate next year. I will be so surprised and pleased, though, if The Unwilling Vestal makes it in.

Very excited about participating in Yuletide for the first time ever. :)
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[community profile] fannish5: Which 5 persons from any fandom would you place on a lonely island to get the most interesting reaction?

1) Peter Kavanagh, Stargate Atlantis: If a Kavanagh complains in the wilderness and no one is around to hear him, does he make a sound? I've always been interested in Kavanagh's character. As unlikeable as he is sometimes, I never perceived him as evil. (I know people a lot like him, actually.) He's obviously a capable scientist, or he wouldn't have been offered a place on the expedition in the first place, but he's got this thing where he gets wrapped up in every worst case scenario ever. He also seems to feed off the energy of conflict, taking an active role in stirring the pot. So... what happens to Kavanagh when you isolate him from everyone else and make him fend for himself with no one to complain to but his own self? How long does he contemplate the unfairness of it all before he sucks it up and starts dealing with the situation? And then, how does he deal with it?

2) Angus MacGyver, MacGyver: Do I need to give a reason? How long would it take him to build a super rescue radio out of driftwood and random metal bits?

3) Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks: I just love his running monologue. Would he write notes to Diane on palm fronds?

4) Higgs, Sammeeeees: (this may be one of my very smallest fandoms. If you want to know more about the wonderful Sammeeeees story, go here, watch the intro video, and click through the links below it. It was a non-linear experience, so putting the pieces together might take a little work, but the story is well worth it. The digital prequel is an awesome read, as well. And I'll be happy to answer any questions! I'm working on a fic to post to AO3, but it's taking forever to finish.)

OK, new paragraph after that long intro. Before his involvement with the Sammeeeees, Higgs (not his real name) was a brilliant physicist. He experienced a sort of breakdown before falling into the clutches of Mr. Alan Johnson. I'm not sure what he's doing now, but last I saw of him, he was free, and, I hope, happy. I would choose him to put on a lonely island because I'd be interested in what he would do when left to himself, out of peril. He thinks a lot. Would he write out theoretical physics equations in the sand? Would he be glad of the silence and peace? Or would he try to escape the island and go back to civilization?

5) River Tam, Firefly: Away from the pressure of people's minds, thoughts, terrible deeds; left alone, what would she do? River seems to me to be a character who, if she had not been so horribly tampered with, would have been content to live a life of the mind. I can see her on a lonely island, easily adapting to the ins and outs of survival, and, once she had her routine in place, exploring, creating art, and building her own world. I don't think the loneliness would harm her, as long as she knew her brother was somewhere safe. But if she wanted to leave, there would be no stopping her.

ETA: The more I think about it, the more I want fic about all of these characters together on the lonely island, just to see how they interact with each other, deal with their situation, etc. I may have to add this to my "to-write" list. :D

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If you loved Dollhouse and haven't seen this beautiful video yet, you should. If you can watch in HD, do - it's extra gorgeous.

Also, the Dollhouse Season 2 DVD set went on sale today. I need to go pick it up tomorrow; I still haven't seen the final episode, by the way. We didn't have cable right as the show season was ending, so I missed Epitaph 2. I so wish we could have had more of this show. Like so many others, there's so much left to tell. I need to find some good Dollhouse fanfic. Or write some.
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I so much enjoyed reading gamerchick's 30 Days of TV meme that I decided to do my own. There's no way I'll make a post every day - I can barely make a post a month!! - so this will be 30 non-consecutive days, for sure.

Day 01- A show that should have never been canceled.
It's hard to judge which tv shows *should* never have been canceled... )


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