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Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching

I'm afraid that AMC won't pick up another season of Rubicon, and I love it so very much. This is why I wish more people were watching. The show has a tough row to hoe as it is: it's not a fast-paced show, it doesn't have a lot of action or chase scenes. It's a very thinky show, and it has several plotty threads going on at once.

The Major Conspiracy: The mysterious death of a character sets Will Travers on the trail of a conspiracy that directly impacts the U.S. and maybe other governments. Somehow, the company he works for, API, is involved.

API: A government contractor company that deals in pattern recognition and analysis. Basically, intelligence data goes to API to be compiled, sorted, and interpreted by genius people trained to recognize patterns and make connections.

The Team: My favorite part of the show. Myles, Grant, and Tonya work together as a team to crack patterns of behavior and also to compile data and make recommendations for critical strikes, etc. They have to work in a lot of morally gray areas, and the strain of this shows in all of them. Tonya is the least experienced, and Grant and Myles often have to bolster her ability to handle the reality of what they're doing.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of the Team - they're bonding and working together, and each one has life problems that need to be worked out. These are the most interesting characters to me. I mean, I sort of like the character of Will, and I'm interested in the conspiracy, but the day-to-day business of API is the most interesting aspect of the show for me right now.

The Widow: A woman seemingly unconnected to API and Will, doing a little investigating of her own into another suspicious death.

I also can't emphasize enough how visually delicious this show is. Lots of framing with architecture and vertical and horizontal lines, mirror shots, etc. The color palate is an array of blues, greens, and grays, but then it'll burst out into these gorgeous golds and reds, or will use these colors for emphasis on the green/blue/gray. Some of the frames could be photographs - they're that beautiful. No other show I've ever watched has this look - it is unique, and it adds so much to the way the story is being told.

Also, this is not a high-tech spy show. It's very low-tech - people work with paper, with sticky notes, files, thumbtacks and string.

I'm dying to write some fic for this show, but it will have to wait a while, until I'm caught up with my other commitments.

In the meantime, go watch Rubicon! It's on AMC, and it's also available for download on iTunes.

Date: 2010-10-11 02:22 pm (UTC)
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That actually sounds like something I would enjoy. I'll look into it later today.


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