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Eh, I need a break, but I have nothing of real interest to write about at the moment, so... this!  My original LJ name was "moonsongsl". Moonsong was a name I used for myself waaaay back when I first logged on to the Internet. I hadn't even read Elfquest at that point - I just thought the two words looked nice smooshed together. The "sl" part of the name stood for "SilverLeaf", the surname of one of my roleplaying characters. Moonsong started sounding a bit too "little girl-ish" to me as I got older, though.

When I joined unFiction, I signed up with the name "Darkstar October". This comes from the callsign heard over New Mexico from a suspected experimental aircraft flyover - possibly the Aurora project craft. That callsign was "Darkstar November". I figured anyone who was into conspiracy theories or strange bits of Area 51 information would recognize the hommage to the callsign in my name, but no one ever mentioned it. :(

There was already a "Darkstar" on unFiction at the time, though, so after I saw him/her posting, I changed my nick to just plain "October". Since "October" is already in use in most places that require usernames, I usually pair it up with "Dreaming" (a very vague Sleeping Princess reference) - so, "October Dreaming". Unfortunately, that was already taken when I changed my LJ name a couple of years ago, so I just switched the words around.


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