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I love the long stretch of show premieres unwinding through September and October. There are always some exciting new finds, and old favorites pick up where they left off at the beginning of the summer. Here's what I'm watching - what are you watching this season? If you create fanworks, what shows (new or old) are you making art, writing, vidding, or mixing for at the moment?

New Shows:
  • CW's "Nikita" - The previews bring Dollhouse to mind in a tangential way. I love spy/assassin shows and am looking forward to tomorrow night's premiere.

  • CW's "Hellcats" - OMG CHEERLEADERS. My husband and I watched the premiere tonight, and I've already written it firmly on my "guilty pleasures" calendar. It's not really my usual kind of show; I tend to like supernatural or science fiction themes, or at least a good conspiracy theory or caper. Cheerleaders definitely don't fit the bill. But I'm just going to throw this confession out there - I really did love the premiere, even though it's predictable and formulaic. I like the main character because she strongly reminds me of someone I know and admire, and to be quite honest, I love watching athletes tumbling across my tv screen. The music was great for me, also, but my tastes in music run to the mainstream and mundane, so that's probably not saying much. Anyway, I liked it.

  • AMC's "Rubicon" - This premiered in the mid-season, a couple of months ago, and is now 8 episodes in. It's a conspiracy theory show that has the most elegant cinematography I have ever seen. It's gorgeous. The color palates are beautiful blues and pale greens and grays, interspersed with rich browns and dashes of red. It's just so pretty! Some of the frames you could actually print out as a photograph. I love the sound of the show, too - the way they sort of linger on the sound of coffee pouring into a cup or papers shuffling around.

    I'm super-interested in the story, although my husband finds it slow and hasn't bonded with the characters yet. By the fourth episode, as Grant, Miles, and Tanya were starting to gel as a team, I'd bonded with the team at least. Will, I like but feel distanced from; I can't stand Maggie and hope she goes away. Ingram is awesome; Spangler is odious. I want to see more teamy stuff from the three main API characters. And fic. I want fic. I've got a couple of stories started, but I'm noticing there's not much of a fandom for Rubicon just yet. Not a single story on AO3, even! I'm surprised, because the possibilities for smart, introspective storytelling are endless with this series.

    I amused myself one evening by tracking down exactly where in New York the "API" offices are located, since the show gave so many visual location clues - the ships, the bridge, etc. - and they turn out to be right around these coordinates in NYC: 40.705623,-74.004311. I know. I have way too much time on my hands. It's the tv studio building - Warner Horizon, I think. At least, some of the office scenes and the roof scenes are filmed there.

  • NBC's "The Event" - I'm vaguely interested in this. I was also vaguely interested in "Flash Forward" and "V" last fall, and that never grabbed my interest, so I'm not bouncing on the couch cushions over "The Event". It could be awesome, or it could be meh. I'll watch and see.

  • NBC's "Outsourced" - If you didn't see the movie "Outsourced", check it out. My husband is from an Indian family, so we always enjoy movies that spotlight Indian culture. I was amazed to discover that such an itty-bitty film has been made over into a television series, but I'm interested to see what NBC has done with it. I'm reserving judgment until after the first episode of course - it could be awful! - but I'm hoping it's good. I love multi-cultural shows that get it right - let's hope this is one of those. I'm sad that it's filmed mostly in LA, but the producers have mentioned wanting to film the second season on location if the first season is successful.

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