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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I look forward to reading your story, and I hope that writing it brings you as much joy as I know it will bring me.

Here are some general preferences and fandom-specific preferences that I hope will be helpful.

I love "slice of life" stories, little windows that peek into the characters' "off-screen" or "off-page" lives or that delve into their thoughts. There's just something I've always loved, especially in tv shows, about those scenes when we see the characters "at home" or just hanging out together.

I also love plotty fic that explores the characters and the setting.

I love gen stories a lot, but stories with pairings/multiples are welcomed with open arms. Het, slash, femslash, mix and match, non-binary, etc. and forever - all welcome. I prefer that stories not be solely about pairing or gathering up of lovers, but romance is nice!

I love stories about women being their awesome selves.

I love team stories and stories about strong bonds and close friendships.

For fics that are not gen, I definitely don't mind sex in the story, so long as it's not the whole point of the story.

I love unusual or out-of-the-box formats for stories - "five things" is a favorite of mine, as is the epistolary style (either letters, or a series of emails, or a set of IMs, or an exchange of notes or something like that.) Fic written as taking place on social media, partly or entirely. Stories with odd narrative structures, stories that play with time, stories that play with voice. I'm a fan of the surreal.

Nothing exceptionally dark. Danger, tension: yes, please; really violent violence: no, thank you. No sexual violence, especially. I enjoy bittersweet endings and stories that end with a sting - I just like a little room for the potential of a happier ending somewhere down the line.

The world that Robin McKinley created fascinates me, and I'd love to see more of it - the magic, the tech, the people. I'd also love to know more about Rae's and Constantine's relationship after the end of the novel. How does he begin to fit into her life? Scenes from the bakery cafe would be wonderful, too.

Twin Peaks
Anything goes with this - the more surreal and spooky, the better. I love Audrey and Cooper together as a team or friends or a couple, romantic or non-romantic, as long as they're interacting, helping each other out, solving mysteries together, or whatever.

I adore Scarlett and her music - any story exploring her self and her work would be excellent.

Margaret and Hawkeye are my two favorite characters, and I especially enjoy their friendship (in the later seasons particularly). I love their banter in front of other people, and I'm intrigued by the spark of tension that occurs whenever they're put in a situation where they're alone together without other people to act as a buffer. I'd love anything that explores their complex relationship, maybe in tandem with their work and how they find common ground despite their very different life philosophies (she: very military, he: very anti-military). Friendship or romance, either would be great.

The Cygnet Duology
One of the things I love about McKillip's writing is her descriptions of magic. Magic system? What magic system? Magic in a McKillip book is wild and free, and Nyx embodies that in so many ways. I'd love to see something that explores her relationship to magic and how she uses it to accomplish her goals. I also love her relationship with her family - mother, sisters, cousin - so slice of life stories would be nice. Or, if you feel like writing adventure, maybe something about Nyx's search for Brand and the kingdom of Saphier.

Thanks again, and Happy Yuletide!


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