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Hello, Yuletide Writer,

Thank you so much for writing a story just for me! I promise to love it and give it lots of snuggles when it finds its way to me. And I hope you have as much joy in the writing of it as I know I will have in the reading of it.

I'm afraid I haven't been overly much present in the journaling sphere these past few years, so my journals aren't going to give much in the way of information about my fandom likes. I have a tumblr but it's mostly reblogs and such. So I'm just going to list, as in years' past, some general likes/dislikes, and then I'll go into some details and possible prompts for my requests.

I love "slice of life" stories, little windows that peek into the characters' "off-screen" or "off-page" lives or that delve into their thoughts. There's just something I've always loved, especially in tv shows, about those scenes when we see the characters "at home" or just hanging out together.

That being said, I also love plotty fic that explores the characters and the setting.

I love gen stories a lot, but stories with pairings/multiples are welcomed with open arms. Het, slash, femslash, mix and match, non-binary, etc. and forever - all welcome. I prefer that stories not be solely about pairing or gathering up of lovers, but romance is nice!

I love stories about women being their awesome selves.

I love team stories and stories about strong bonds and close friendships.

For fics that are not gen, I definitely don't mind sex in the story, so long as it's not the whole point of the story, and as long as it doesn't get to NC17. Not because I don't like NC17 but I'm usually kind of meh about it in the fandoms I pick for Yuletide requests, for some reason.

I love unusual or out-of-the-box formats for stories - "five things" is a favorite of mine, as is the epistolary style (either letters, or a series of emails, or a set of IMs, or an exchange of notes or something like that.) Fic written as taking place on social media, partly or entirely. Stories with odd narrative structures, stories that play with time, stories that play with voice. I'm a fan of the surreal.

Nothing exceptionally dark. Danger, tension: yes, please; really violent violence: no, thank you. No sexual violence, especially. I enjoy bittersweet endings and stories that end with a sting - I just like a little room for the potential of a happier ending somewhere down the line.

Photographs: Brooke Shaden

Any story written about any of the listed photographs would be wonderful, or if you want to weave the various characters and/or settings into one story, that too would be amazing! One of the things I love about Brooke's work is the otherwordly quality of her people and places and the surreal situations in which the characters find themselves. I crave a story which reflects that dreamy otherness. However, I'm also interested in what story YOU see in the images and how their stories speak to you and how that translates into the fiction you write for them...

Here are direct links to the nominated images:
the world above
never play with fire
a room for dreams
the swift travels of wind-blown sails


One of the biggest regrets I have about this show being cancelled is that I never got to see more of Grant, Miles, and Tanya as a team. Grant and Miles both had serious stress in their family lives due to their work, and Tanya just had STRESS in general because of the work and possibly due to problems before even coming to work at API. We barely got to see them start to gel as a team, and them WHAM. Cancelled. :( Never saw them open up to each other very much or start to lean on each other when they had no one else. They're all brilliant, all troubled in different ways, and all alone in their own way.

So what I'd love love love love is team fic with these three. And if you want to throw Julia Harwell into the mix, that would be happiness for me. I didn't choose her in my request because I don't know if someone writing the other three would feel like writing her, and she's "optional" to me - but a great bonus. Will Travers and any of the other characters would also be welcome.

Some possible prompts:
-- plotty fic about a pile of intel that they have to piece together and maybe work together to prod the other agencies to give up the information they need to finish their project
-- scenes from a mutual support group that they form without ever talking about it - they just... start hanging out one or two nights a week, and suddenly it's a thing. Maybe they play games or just talk or read books or whatever.
-- I am not against shippy things >.>, although I prefer it not to be the sole focus of the fic. "Grant/Tanya" was always a favorite "off the beaten path" ship of mine. I liked the idea of "Julia/Miles". I'm not so fond of the idea of "Grant/Miles" or "Tanya/Miles" - these two pairings never really seemed like they'd ever be a thing. But I'll believe just about anything if it's well-sold. ;)

Star Trek: Fortunes of War - Diane Carey

Oh, my childhood. I absolutely idolized Piper when I was a kid! Now, I only picked Piper and Sarda for characters, but I am totally, totally happy with fic about Piper, Merete, Scanner, and Sarda as a team, so if you want to do that, go for it! Weave in the main Star Trek characters, too, if you like. I'm especially partial to Vulcans - Spock, Sarek, etc.

I just recently finished reading the books over again for the first time in about 20 years, and I still love them. (Although, seriously... the politics Carey wrote into those books do not sound like the Federation we knew in TNG or DS9... I loved picking up on political stuff that I totally missed as a kid.)

Some possible prompts:
-- The team, or just Sarda and Piper, finding a way to subvert Starfleet's/The Federation's tendency to co-opt Sarda's research and turn it into a weapon
-- exploring Sarda and Piper's relationship post-Battlestations, as Sarda caught up on his training - if you want to get romantic with it, there will be no objections from me! ;)
-- an adventure on Piper's next command - something a little bit snazzier than the Banana Republic.
-- adventures in shore leave... team (or just Sarda and Piper) gets in trouble... team needs to get out of trouble before they have to be back on duty... team goes out for a drink and finds themselves embroiled in an interplanetary incident that now requires them to save the day... anything can happen on shore leave!
-- little slices of life from this storyworld. Piper and Sarda doing nice things for each other for reasons: they've pissed each other off, they're having a bad day, whatever. Team moments with Merete and Scanner. Philosophical discussions. Sarda teaching Piper about being Vulcan.

Midnight in Paris

I love this beautiful, whimsical little movie. The casual, inexplicable time traveling, seeing our literary and artistic icons come alive, everything. What I'd love the most in terms of story is: Gil and Gabrielle and Paris. Either in our time, or in Gil's "golden age" or in Gabrielle's "golden age" (what is her golden age? I'd love a fic that explores that!) or a mix of both. Gabrielle showing Gil the Paris that he couldn't see with Inez; Gil showing Gabrielle this amazing time travel thing - or maybe she already knew about it and is like, "well, of course, duh!" when he tells her about it. Twisty time travel, getting lost in Paris, writing novels, learning more about Gabrielle as a person - all of this I would love. I feel like this whole paragraph has been a glut of prompts, so I won't make a specific prompt section. Just... any story that you have fun writing and exploring this movie's world would be wonderful.

Any of the other characters that show up would be great, too. Zelda Fitzgerald was a favorite of mine, as were Hemingway and Gertrude Stein. And DaLI! And here's a question or two... were there people from the future who came from their time to Paris 2011 as their ideal past? And could someone come forward from the past into the future? Oh, the games this movie could play with time...

Thanks again, and Happy Yuletide!


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