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Thank you so much for writing for me! I'm gonna copypasta a phrase that I used last year that holds just as true this year: The thing I want most of all for Yuletide is for you to have fun writing a story that speaks to your heart as much as it speaks to mine. ♥

General likes/dislikes:

-- I love "slice of life" stories, little windows that peek into the characters' "off-screen" or "off-page" lives or that delve into their thoughts. There's just something I've always loved, especially in tv shows, about those scenes when we see the characters "at home" or just hanging out together.

-- That being said, I also love plotty fic that explores the characters and the setting.

-- I love gen stories a lot, but stories with pairings are welcomed with open arms.

-- I like sappy things. I like fluff.

-- I love women being awesome and strong.

-- For fics that are not gen, I definitely don't mind sex in the story, so long as it's not the whole point of the story, and as long as it doesn't get to NC17.

-- I love unusual or out-of-the-box formats for stories - "five things" is a favorite of mine, as is the epistolary style (either letters, or a series of emails, or a set of IMs, or an exchange of notes or something like that.)

-- I would prefer nothing exceptionally dark. It's the holidays, and I'm in the mood for happy endings. Danger, tension: yes; really violent violence: not so much. I don't dislike bittersweet endings - those are fine - if the story ends with a sting, that's ok. Just leave something of a hopeful outlook in there. :)

Fandom-specific notes:
I'm not married to any of the ideas presented here - they're just things I would like, but if you have a story in mind that doesn't fit with any of these things, please don't worry about it! Because I LOVE reading fic that is different from the things I think about with regards to my fandoms. I love stories that show me places/ideas in fandom that I've never explored before.

Photography - Brooke Shaden
-The World Above

I've been fascinated by Brooke's work for a long time, and it was a direct inspiration to me in becoming a concept photographer myself. I chose "the world above" because I enjoy the off-kilter feeling it evokes - the sense that the world in the picture has different rules from our own. What I love about fic that comes from art is that there's no verbal canon - the writer is free to just write the story that the image creates for them. The fic doesn't even have to be about the circumstances of the moment captured in the pic. An exploration of the character's story and her relationship to the world would be lovely. If you are into writing surreality or magical realism, I would love a fic that draws from either of those literary traditions.

A quick P.S. - If you are looking at this letter for treat-writing (or even if you're my official writer) - in which case, should you decide to write me a treat, OMG THANK YOU! :D - ANY of the photos from the tagset for Brooke Shaden's work will suit me fine. I had to pick only one because of the "and" requirement of character-picking for the requests. I didn't want to give a writer bears by requesting all the photos and the poor writer trying to stich them all together in a cohesive story. But I would welcome a story for any of these photographs, not just the single one I picked. ♥

Ballet Shoes - Noel Streatfeild
Posy Fossil

If you were matched with me on Ballet Shoes, my biggest want is a Posy-centric fic. I would love a story about her life as a teenager in Manov's ballet in Czechoslovakia, or as a young adult in his ballet company. I know the ballet world can be dark, and if you chose to explore a little of that darkness, I would love it. Conversely, I would be just as in love with a bright slice-of-life story about Posy and her friends in the ballet, or an examination of how she adapted to life away from England, or anything of that sort. Or something "dancy", perhaps - a look at Posy preparing for a role, or a character study of her and her relationship to dance and to her body and the way she can make it work for/with her.

Babylon 5
Susan Ivanova and Talia Winters

While I only chose Susan and Talia as characters, I do love all the B5 characters and would not mind at all if some of the others stopped by for a visit in the fic! :) As for Susan and Talia, I would enjoy any exploration of their relationship, either their prickly, fragile friendship, or as lovers. Slice of life, first dates, angst, or hurt/comfort would be lovely. Maybe what happened after that one time when Talia asked Susan to have a drink with her, and Susan said ok, but it would have to be coffee. My one big request is that Talia not be dead - her ending in the series just killed me, as did Susan's later confession that she thought she loved Talia. I'd like to see them both alive and "on screen" together, if that's possible. :)

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Danny Tripp, Matt Albie, Jordan McDeere

One of the things I loved most about watching this show was all the teamwork that went into producing Studio 60. Scenes with Matt in the writing room. Rehearsals. Jordan taking on the corporate people. Danny trying to just get everyone to hold it together and sneakily pulling puppet strings to make it happen. I love Danny's relationship with Jordan, and I love his relationship with Matt, and if you want to write either of those pairings or smish all three of them together into a trio, I would love any of it. And of course, I'd love a gen story. Feel free to bring any of the other characters into the fic as well - I also loved Matt and Harriet's relationship and would certainly not mind seeing Harriet or Tom or Simon or even Jack. "Slice of life" scenes would be lovely. Crazy show happenings, or special guest stars, or backstage pranks - any of that.

That's pretty much it. I hope this is more helpful than not. Most of all, a joyous Yuletide to you, Writer! May your words flow swiftly and your writing days and nights be free of bears.

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