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This is indeed the most exciting time of year!

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you for writing a gift for me! <3 The thing I want most of all is for you to have fun writing a story that speaks to your heart as much as it speaks to mine.

General likes/dislikes:
-- I love "slice of life" stories, little windows that peek into the characters' "off screen" lives or that delve into their thoughts. I like plotty fic, too, but there's just something I've always loved, especially in tv shows, about those scenes when we see the characters "at home". Like Sisko cooking for his friends, or the Fossil girls just kicking back and being silly together.
-- I love gen stories the most, but stories with pairings are most welcome, also.
-- I love women being awesome and strong.
-- I love unusual or out-of-the-box formats for stories - "five things" is a favorite of mine, as is the epistolary style (either letters, or a series of emails, or a set of IMs, etc.).
-- I would prefer nothing exceptionally dark. It's the holidays, and I'm in the mood for happy endings. Danger, tension - yes; really violent violence, not so much.
-- For fics that are not gen, I generally prefer PG-13 or below, but I don't mind sex in the story, so long as it's not the whole point of the story.

Brain snacks, or story-specific things that are food for thought:
Austin & Murry-O'Keefe Families - Madeleine L'Engle
I have always, always wanted to know what Charles Wallace was up to, working far away from his family for so long. I wanted to see his relationships with his nieces and nephews, and his siblings and siblings-in-laws. I always wanted to know, did he and his dad work together, ever? Did he go through a rebellious streak and set off to find his own destiny?

I also love Polly, and I love Vicky and Adam, either as friends or as a couple. Polly is a bit younger than Vicky, I think - I always wondered how they would get along if they met. What would they talk about? Would they untangle the threads of common history that bind them together?

One of the themes that runs through all of L'Engle's works is that of the relationships between the older and the younger. I'd be interested to see Charles Wallace's relationships with the younger Adam, Vicky, and Polly - how they interact, what they talk about, what of themselves they share between them.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
For this request, I'd love "slice of life" or "day in the life" fic more than a plotty adventure, although plotty adventures are wonderful, too. I just like watching the interplay between the characters. Miles and Julian or Kira and Jadzia in one of their holosuite adventures. Odo and Kira snarking their way through criminal activity reports. All of the characters celebrating a birthday together. Benjamin hosting a dinner party. Worf hosting a Klingon opera listening party. Jadzia and Worf arguing over how to plan a dinner party. Bajoran holidays. Life on the station. Exceptions to this are any intrigue that Julian and Garak might get up to - if they feel like being plotty and sneaky, more power to them!

For non-gen fic, I'm open to any romantic relationships between any of the characters, but in the past my favorite pairings have been:

The Killing
I am most interested in Rosie's life before her murder. In the show, we got to see so little of her life, and the plot threads with her friends got dropped pretty quickly in favor of other threads. Unlike Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks, Rosie Larsen had very little "presence" in The Killing episodes, so I'd love a fic that sheds some speculative light on her, on who she was.

She had a secret life, we know - but was she a "bad girl" or a girl who was trying to help someone? I'm interested in her relationship with Sterling, with Kris, and why she got involved with Jasper - and why she left Jasper. How did she know Darren Richmond, and why did she go to that campaign rally where she was caught on video? So many questions about Rosie - I hope next season answers them, but in the meantime, thank goodness for fan fiction, right? :D

I pretty much covered it in the comments included with my request - anything that features Rosie would be lovely, and if it speculates on her life before she was killed, that would be wonderful.

Ballet Shoes
Oh, my childhood. <3 I put some specifics in my request comments that just about covers it. I love ballet myself and would love a "dance-y" fic for Posy. For Petrova, I'd love to know what she was like as a young woman - I imagine her admiring Amelia Earhart, who would have disappeared just after Petrova started her education in aviation. Ballet Shoes was published in 1936; would Petrova have had a role in WWII in her life as an aviator/engineer?

That's all I can think of for now, and I hope this is helpful and not too very long, or too much information. :) Happy Yuletide, and happy writing!


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