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Dear Yuletide Writers,

Because of the sudden illness of my father, I wasn't able to finish my letter in time, and I'm so sorry if that caused my writer any problems. :( I've been encouraged to finish and link it in case someone might like to write treats for my fandoms.

General things:

I love gen fic most of all. I do read pairings, and I enjoy romance, but I tend to like less couple-y stuff and more teamy or friendshippy stuff that really emphasizes the world and culture in which the stories take place. World-building, AU stories, character studies, introspective fic, adventure, mystery - all things that make me super-happy. Lively, witty conversation, affectionate characters, that sort of thing.

Things I don't like: fic that is too dark or violent; I prefer not to read anything above PG-13ish; I'm not into kinks, definitely not into major character death.

Fandoms Requested:
  • Heian Jidai | Heian Period - Sei Shonagon, Empress Teishi, Emperor Ichijo, Korechika, the rest of the court and etc.

    A simple, elegant scene with Shonagon and Teishi would be lovely. One of my favorite moments in the Pillow Book is when Teishi comes over and asks Shonagon what she is doing on the veranda, and Shonagon answers that she is gazing at the autumn moon, and Teishi tells her, "That's just what you should have said." It was beautiful and gentle, and I loved it so! I wanted to read so many more moments like that. Little to no context is fine - just a snapshot scene would be lovely.

    I'd also enjoy something more lively, like an outing or a festival, with Shonagon and the ladies of the court surrounding Teishi, or going abroad with her, etc. Sharp and witty dialogue, poetry, the works. Or a day where letters are coming and going, and something exciting is about to happen. Slices of life would be perfect.

  • EchoBazaar - any characters

    I'm so open for any Echo Bazaar stories that almost anything will suit me. Let's see - I would enjoy a fic that is 3rd person, since so many of the ones I have already read are written in 1st or 2nd person. I'd like something with descriptions of places in the 'Neath, something atmospheric. It doesn't have to be too plotty - it can just be a scene, or a moment, or a memory. But I also like caper stories, and there is much capering in the 'Neath! Perhaps an adventure on an archeological dig, or an afternoon in Veilgarden. A University intrigue!

  • The Sorceress & the Cygnet - Nyx Ro, Meguet Vervaine, Laura Ro

    This book is so dear to my heart, as is the character of Nyx. I also love Meguet a great deal, and I love Nyx and Meguet's connection with one another. I would love a Nyx and Meguet friendship fic, but I also would not mind the two of them as a couple! Nyx's magic and her relationship with magic is also of interest to me. The way McKillip describes the magic in her worlds appeals to me on a fundamental level - if you could recapture a little of that magic in a scene, I would die of happiness.

  • Ballet Shoes - Posy or Petrova, or all the sisters together. Gum, Sylvia, Nana, Madame Fidolia

    I am most interested in Petrova as a grown-up young woman. I imagine her as an Amelia Earhart type, with a love of flight and mechanical things. I'd love to hear about what she was doing in her 20s or 30s, even see her with a love interest.

    I'd adore a story about Posy in Czechoslovakia, too - a dancing story. Did she learn to speak Czech? How did she learn to fit with the culture of her new home and with the other ballet dancers? What roles did she dance as a young woman? What was her relationship to Manoff?
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